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When we delve into how to wear a ralph lauren polo shirt, you need to nail the fit: the sleeves should hit around mid-bicep and the shirt should end halfway down the trouser fly and this avoids showing stomach when reaching for things and allows it to be tucked in, if necessary.

At the same time , pay close attention to how the ralph lauren polo shirts neck opening sits on your body. It’s important to make sure that when it’s unbuttoned it does open properly, as it aids in framing your face. Some ralph lauren polos will still stay tightly closed when unbuttoned.

The popularity of this style began to extend to men as a general trend of more casual wear began to come into vogue. Men were able to still look attractive in a ralph lauren polo shirt and dressier trousers instead of having to wear a traditional formal shirts. Men also adopted this look for the sheer ruggedness of the design and its ability to keep up with their busy lives – even outside of the tennis court or golf ralph lauren course.

The ralph lauren polo helps to combine their styles with a relatively unstructured, casual piece of tailoring too, so the two pieces can meet halfway.If you have a solid coloured ralph lauren polo shirt, why not try matching it with trousers made from cotton, linen or tropical wool in a navy pencil stripe or grey Prince of Wales check? Throw on some boat shoes and straw Panama hat and you’re onto a stone cold winner.

Ralph Lauren Polo shirts come in different fabrics and blends. Soft fabrics, such as pique, jersey or pima, are usually 100% cotton and used in classic fits. Lycra/spandex blends are generally used in form-fitting silhouettes. Textured cottons, such as J.Crew’s heavy-weight cotton slub, give a vintage, worn feeling. Some shirts come in more recently developed synthetic fibers which are said to aid in the removal of body moisture. Polo shirts are part of the game attire in polo, tennis, and golf.

Since the look of the ralph lauren polo shirt has changed so much over the years, we could find there are currently many different styles of polo shirts on the market. By far the most popular style of polo shirt is the basic short sleeved shirt from ralph lauren polo . The short sleeved polo shirt was originally created by ralph lauren and has stayed popular ever since its inception. Short sleeved polo shirts can be found in virtually every material. However, since it is short sleeved, it has more of a casual appearance. Also, and generally for women, polo shirts with three quarter sleeves are popular too. is an online enterprise that has been operative for a long time now. They have found immense popularity and it still grows as cheap designer shoes and apparels are made available on this site.To source more info, visit

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