Top Luxury Perfumes in the World

Some people call perfume as an expensive luxury. Also tagged as ‘liquid diamonds’, these expensive pieces are truly a work of art and a product of the purest scents. Everyone would love to smell good all the time especially women. But only a wealthy few get to enjoy these luxurious fragrances on their everyday lives. Here are the top most expensive fragrances in the world that every woman would die for.

Chanel No. 5- $ 234/100 ml

Chanel No. 5 is considered as the pioneering fragrance launched by the famous Parisian couturier Gabriel ‘Coco’ Chanel. It has been on the market ever since its debut in the year 1921. Many experts have described it as the ‘world’s most legendary perfume’ and currently it ranks on top of the perfumery sales charts. The scent remains as among the best selling scents of parfum Chanel and the company has recently estimates that a bottle gets sold every thirty seconds. Chanel claims that the uniqueness of the scent comes from the floral aldehyde composition that lasts for longer duration of time after one application. It stands starkly different compared to the many flower perfumes that you will find in the market today.

Shalini- $ 900/ 2.2 oz bottle

The Shalini Perfume Collection is developed by Maurice Roucel. Roucel is known as the perfumer of Musc Ravageur, 24 Fauborg, Iris Silver Mist and the Tocade luxury perfume series. Stepped in coriander, ylang ylang and neroli, Shalini is an intricate fusion of the deep luxurious scents of musk, vanilla, sandalwood and tuberose. This scent is definitely a brand for the soul.

Caron’s Poivre- $ 2000/ 2 ounces

The scent becomes more alluring as it comes with a fabulous Baccarat bottle. As the bottle is encrusted with pristine crystals on its white gold collar, all the more it reflects the rays of sophistication. Caron Paris definitely made a big hit with this upscale fragrance in the market.

The Ralph Lauren Notorious Perfume- $ 3540/bottle

Priced at $ 3450, this is indeed one of the company’s expensive collections. Popularized by the famous French model named Laetitia Casta, this perfume is known as one of the best Holiday scents. You can get your very own To learn more about Ralph Lauren Notorious bottle from Harrods retail outlets.

Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes- $ 6,700

Bacarrat was once popular for its crystal encrusted perfume bottles. With the release of this fragrance in the market, the company finally made its debut in the perfume industry. Indeed, they made a good shot at it.

Hermes Perfume 24 Fauborg- $ 1500/1 oz bottle

Named after the Parisian Hermes flag store, the perfume made its debut in 1995 by Bernard Bourjois and Maurice Roucel to blend with the trend of feminine quality and luxury. Based on the vital scents of ylang ylang, jasmine, vanilla, iris, ambergris, and orange blossom fragrances, the 24 Fauborg will definitely give you the best compliments from the crowd.

Clive Christian Imperial Majesty- $ 215000/bottle

Topping the list is a Clive Christian’s mixture of carnation, lemon, benzoin, bergamot, cardamom and jasmine that will truly captivate the senses of every perfume aficionado. Skeptics would often attribute its whopping price to the diamond affixed in the bottle.

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Ralph Lauren Perfumes

Ralph Lauren has long been recognized as one of the most prestigious labels in the world of fashionable apparel. The label was created by Ralph Lauren himself, an American designer who creates a line of clothing and accessories with close attention to detail. He was named as the master marketer for those who are looking for an elegant way of living, but aside from being highly dedicated to designing apparels; Ralph Lauren also manufactures a line of bedding, furniture, potpourri, silverwares, and other things that a typical housewife may consider as important.

Ralph Lauren was born in 1939. He grew up in a working class family, then depriving him the right to study design education formally. So all of his interest and knowledge with designing was only enhanced when he started to engage in fashion retailing. He worked for the department stores in New York while in his young age.

He studied business in a night school, while trying to sell versions of the Brooks Brothers. The experience he gained from his schooling is what particularly brought Ralph Lauren to his formidable position of today in the fashion industry.

Ralph Lauren’s entry to fashion design happened during the release of his Beau Brummel neckwear in 1967. During that period, people loved to wear narrow dark ties, but although established as a norm, Lauren introduced a new addition of colorful neckwear. Opulent, colorful, and trendy ties were then produced for every interested businessman to choose from.

1967 was the release year of Lauren’s trademark, the menswear collection named Polo. The designs and styles that this line of product boasts are refined, yet featuring the virtues of traditional American and English classics.

In 1971, Ralph Lauren introduced a new line of fashion wear, the women’s collection, which was developed in four categories. Included in the list are the classics, collection, active, and country designs. Three years after the introduction of the women’s line was the launching of the company’s boys wear and fragrances. The other products offered by the House of Ralph Lauren include hosiery, leather goods, jewelry, luggage, sleepwear, and of course Lauren’s fragrances.

Ralph Lauren opened his very own boutique in Beverly Hills, California where he released a number of the company’s prime secrets. More than a thousand department stores were also opened, each offering a wide selection of Ralph Lauren’s fashion products and accessories.

The company further expanded with the coming of new megastores built around New York to carry a line of Ralph Lauren’s luxury goods. Now, with many people getting interested in the designs created by Lauren, it is no surprise to find the company itself now considered as one of the best selling marketers in today’s modern fashion industry.

Ralph Lauren is currently offering a wide variety of licensed products for the elites. Whether you decide to take one from their collection, be it the menswear or the fragrances, the company itself ensures a real guarantee to people’s call. Expect Ralph Lauren then to answer your needs, whatever it may be.

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