Ralph Lauren – A Brief History of a Fashion Icon

Ralph Lauren’s fashion line stood out due to his eclectic choice of colours, patterns and fabrics and his now internationally recognised clothing label Polo was launch in 1967. He entered the fashion scene with a range of tie designs and these unique designs of ties were instantly a hit. Ralph Lauren’s designs were popular because they came in a range of bright, eye-catching colours.

Ralph Lauren gave his fashion label the name ‘Polo’ because of the well-to-do, high culture sport polo. This popular sport is often linked the upper classes, and this was the kind of audience Ralph Lauren was trying to attract. Because the Polo label is quite expensive, it continues to be a label that the upper classes invest in. The Polo icon is of a man sitting on a horse playing polo, and this has been recognised as the Polo symbol for years.

The Polo label was not the only fashion label of Ralph Lauren’s to emerge. Other fashion labels that he designed and created were the Purple Label, the Black Label, Polo Golf, Polo Denim, and Lauren by Ralph Lauren. Even though not all these labels exist to this day, designer Ralph Lauren has spent nearly fifty years establishing himself as a versatile fashion designer. From sportswear to smart wear to casual wear, Ralph Lauren’s range of clothing covers many different angles.

Ralph Lauren has also designed many clothes for women. The labels that Ralph Lauren introduced especially for women include a label called Collection, the Black Label, the Red Label, and Lauren by Ralph Lauren. Even though not all of Ralph Lauren’s labels for women exist today, his clothing range for females is still very popular.

Ralph Lauren is also known for his sports label. He has designed and produced clothing suitable for Golf, Tennis, Rugby and Horse Riding. Along with his sports range, Ralph Lauren has released a number of perfumes and aftershaves for men and women, which are still popular today.

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