How To Use Regular Paper To Stencil Pictures Onto A Ralph Lauren Shirt

Transferring designs onto T-shirts with freezer paper is a very popular decorating method. It’s also extremely easy to accomplish. With just a few supplies and some creative insight, just about anyone can create their own unique and homemade products. You can use freezer paper stencils on any type of fabric, however, the following article will walk you through stenciling a plain Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

The biggest appeal of decorating your fabric this way is is being able to spruce up plain sweaters or shirts. So take your boring Ralph Lauren shirt and make sure it is ready for paint. If it is brand new, it will have to be washed and dried first. If it’s old, turn it inside out and, with the shiny side down, iron on the freezer paper. This layer of paper will keep any paint from soaking through, when you’re painting the front.

Place the article of clothing aside, for now, and decide what type of image you want to paint on it. The quickest method is to find a picture or text on the internet that you love and print one off. Then, the picture can be traced on the freezer paper. You could freehand your own image on the paper too.

You will need a sharp knife in order to cut out the image. Cut the words or silhouettes out and discard of the middles. Just make sure to keep the crucial parts though, such as nostril holes or zero’s insides, since you’ll require them all later.

When you’re ready, iron the freezer paper onto the Ralph Lauren shirt with its shiny side down. Be sure to leave the iron on long enough so that all of the paper is completely sealed to the shirt. Any gaps or loose corners will allow the fabric paint to seep through and ruin the whole project.

Nearly any type of textile paint can be used for the shirt. Fabric paint is available at most craft or department stores and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. With a brush or sponge, apply your chosen paint directly onto the shirt. Spread on a few coats and then allow the paint to completely dry.

After the textile paint has dried, carefully peel off the freezer paper stencil. On the shirt, you should have a unique design that’s free of paint bleed throughs and streaks. Peel the paper off of the shirt’s inside and then follow the paint’s instructions to set it. Usually, this just includes ironing over the design.

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Polo Ralph Lauren Blazer
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Linen sport coat by Polo Ralph Lauren. Photo by Menswear Market

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