Designer Shades

When it comes to fashion, designer sun shades are “hot!” Paris Hilton or the Olsen twins can be seen nearly anywhere in Hollywood, night or day, wearing the newest in designer shades. When they walk the red carpet and they’re asked, “What are you wearing?” they would lower their sunglasses down on their noses and peer over the edges and drop designer names like Vera Wang, Dior, Valentino, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Armani.

Your favorite clothing designer may also be the designer of the shades that you choose to accessorize your brand-name clothing. As an example, the smart Tommy dresser can add to the look of a Tommy Hilfiger clothing ensemble with Tommy Hilfiger sun shades. For casual wear, Kate Spade shades might do well. Carrera is famous for a sporty look. For a sensual mood, Valentino frames that have smooth round edges and Swarovsky crystals may just put you ( or whoever is taking a look at you ) in the mood.

Trendy, cool-looking name-brand or designer sun shades, if you can afford them, are a status symbol showing everybody that you’ve got the money ( or Visa card ) to buy them. so as to be trendy in sun shades, you don’t have to give up quality. Shades, not being just trendy accessories, are used to protect your eyes from damage caused by the sun’s UV ( ultra-violet ) rays.

The polarization of designer shades makes them fashionable in other areas of approach to life like golf, boating, biking, swimming, fishing and aircraft flying.

When the general public grab a couple of sun shades, they are only thinking about shading their eyes or looking cool. Sun shades in any shade, shape or size, by any name may be a “hot” style accessory for trend-setting stars, men, ladies and children, but the signification of shielding the eyes from damage far outweighs the significance of looking cool. next time you head out in the sunshine, be sure to grab your designer polarized sunglasses and give some thought to the indisputable fact that you and your shades are protecting your eyes and your eye sight. Seeing is cool.

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