Designer Shades

When it comes to fashion, designer sun shades are “hot!” Paris Hilton or the Olsen twins can be seen nearly anywhere in Hollywood, night or day, wearing the newest in designer shades. When they walk the red carpet and they’re asked, “What are you wearing?” they would lower their sunglasses down on their noses and peer over the edges and drop designer names like Vera Wang, Dior, Valentino, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Armani.

Your favorite clothing designer may also be the designer of the shades that you choose to accessorize your brand-name clothing. As an example, the smart Tommy dresser can add to the look of a Tommy Hilfiger clothing ensemble with Tommy Hilfiger sun shades. For casual wear, Kate Spade shades might do well. Carrera is famous for a sporty look. For a sensual mood, Valentino frames that have smooth round edges and Swarovsky crystals may just put you ( or whoever is taking a look at you ) in the mood.

Trendy, cool-looking name-brand or designer sun shades, if you can afford them, are a status symbol showing everybody that you’ve got the money ( or Visa card ) to buy them. so as to be trendy in sun shades, you don’t have to give up quality. Shades, not being just trendy accessories, are used to protect your eyes from damage caused by the sun’s UV ( ultra-violet ) rays.

The polarization of designer shades makes them fashionable in other areas of approach to life like golf, boating, biking, swimming, fishing and aircraft flying.

When the general public grab a couple of sun shades, they are only thinking about shading their eyes or looking cool. Sun shades in any shade, shape or size, by any name may be a “hot” style accessory for trend-setting stars, men, ladies and children, but the signification of shielding the eyes from damage far outweighs the significance of looking cool. next time you head out in the sunshine, be sure to grab your designer polarized sunglasses and give some thought to the indisputable fact that you and your shades are protecting your eyes and your eye sight. Seeing is cool.

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Designer Clothing Men and Women Love

Many of us love to wear designer clothing. There is a certain cache to wearing a designer brand. It shows that you have extra money to spend on nice things. It shows that you have good taste. That you know how to find excellent quality and understand the value of designer goods. Some people are so choosy about designer clothing that they only wear designer clothing; they would never consider wearing anything else.

There are some designers that are known for designing for men and others known for designing for women. However, there are some designers that do design for both. This is an ideal situation. If you are part of a couple, chances are you want to wear complimentary clothing.

When you are attending a special event or even something casual, you want to dress in clothing that makes you look attractive standing next to your husband or wife. People may joke a little about people being married starting to look alike, but many husbands and wives truly do love the same designer clothing. Discovering great clothing designers is a wonderful resource that you can both use for so many purposes.

Tommy Hilfiger is a well-known American designer that has created clothing for men, women and teens. His clothing always looks sporty but so stylish. Many Hip Hop musicians fell in love with Tommy Hilfiger’s fashions and they became even more popular. Hilfiger’s collection is ideal for the active man or woman that is involved in sports or everyday activities. Attractive, colorful and casual clothing that simply doesn’t look dressed down is what Tommy Hilfiger is known for.

Zara is a popular designer clothing brand that originates from Spain. Started by Amanico Ortega, who also owns the brands Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Oysho, Uterque, Stradivarius and Bershka. Zara has been a popular designer clothing brand for more than thirty years.

Zara has men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. They also have shoes. Zara is known for creating classic styles that have a very modern look. Both bright and neutral colors can be found with great confidence in the Zara collections. Their children’s clothing is quite charming.

Perry Ellis is another designer that also designs for men and women. His collection is more for men than for women. With both casual and dressy looks available for men: a man can easily go from the office to a tennis match or golf event and then out to dinner wearing Perry Ellis clothing. There are selections available for women as well. Ellis is known for somewhat “preppy” and classic looks in both bright and neutral colors. Though Ellis’ designs do not look old fashioned, they are very much with the times. These are ideal for professionals of many levels.

Ralph Lauren also designs for men, women and children. Lauren even has a home collection, ideal to create a beautiful home designed in the Ralph Lauren tradition. Ralph Lauren’s classic and also contemporary style is timeless with great taste. Each new collection offers great vibrant colors and attractive but subtle looking logos that show the distinctive Ralph Lauren brand. As many people that wear designer clothing are quite pleased to wear a logo or brand design that distinguishes that shirt or pair of pants from an everyday generic brand. Lauren’s popularity seems to grow year by year.

Designer clothing simply seems to look better, last longer and make us stand out from the crowd. Wearing designer clothing is not just a status symbol; it is a professional and personal necessity!

If you love designer clothing but don’t want to break the back for them check out Zara Clothing at Zara Online.

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Chaps Ralph Lauren, 2/2015, by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube

Sheryl Lee Ralph, E. Faye Williams & Evelyn Gibson Lowery Urge Women to Get Out the Vote

Atlanta, GA – A diverse group of women representing all walks of life, faiths, and ethnicities assembled recently at the Atlanta Civic Center for the “Women in Power Multicultural Forum,” a spirited get-out-the-vote rally featuring a mixture of local, state, and national speakers that discussed women as “Game Changers” and urged the audience to visit, call, text, or email at least 100 women to tell them to vote early or on November 2.

“Women make are the majority voters in Georgia; that’s power,” said Evelyn Gibson Lowery, chair of sclc/Women’s Organizational Movement for Equality Now and co-convener of the forum. “It was important for us to bring together women of all cultures to talk about the influence women have at the polls and to encourage all women to actively participate in the political process.”

With Fox 5 News anchor, Lisa Rayam presiding, the upbeat event included women of all ages from children bearing get-out-the-vote signs they created to seniors distributing voter education materials. Dr. E Faye Williams, National Congress of Black Women, traveled from Washington, DC to discuss the ballot power of women nationally. The former counsel to the U.S. Congress, Williams said women are the majority voters and 2008 demonstrated the power women have at the polls.

“Women all over the world are powerful,” said Helen Kim Ho, Asian American Legal Advocacy Center. “We all care about fair opportunities in work or business. We all care about the economy. We all care about education. We care about public safety. And, right now we have some civil rights and human rights issues going on that make this election so important for many reasons. We need you to go out to vote and take everyone you know along with you,” she added.

Honorable Shirley Franklin pointed out that the significance of this election can not be underestimated. “Some people are doing okay but most folks are having a hard time. We cannot ignore the fact that government policy makes a difference in the lives of everyone from the cradle to the grave,” Franklin added.

“The speakers exemplified the power of women,” said Rita Jackson Samuels, of the Georgia Coalition of Black Women and co-convener of the forum. “We had Mayor Dixon of Riverdale, Dr. Violet Johnson of Agnes Scott College, Monica Maldonado from the Latino Community, Krista Brewer from Georgia Women’s Actions for New Directions, former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, and several college students were in attendance.”

Lauren Yvettte Williams, Clark Atlanta University, Shenaika Davis, Agnes Scott College and Emma Harger, Georgia State University talked about the impact the collegiate vote had on the 2008 election and discussed what they are doing on their campuses to get-out-the-vote in 2010.

Three North Atlanta High School students, “The Trio,” Miss Georgia 2008, Chasity Hardman, and Rene Crutcher, provided the music during the event. Those who were not old enough to vote were urged to make sure to tell their family, neighbors and teachers to vote.

After a moving soliloquy, actress/singer/activist, Sheryl Lee Ralph gave the audience their marching orders. “Don’t let this moment be the end of it” Ralph said. “You must get involved. You must get informed. You must get educated. You must take action. Vote and make sure everyone you know votes.”

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Find the Right Perfume to Fit Your Personality

When people wear their fragrances, they are usually looking to express their dominating mood. Moods are only temporary and expressing it through your scent can send a mixed message about your own personality. First impressions matter more than anything in this world and a pleasant fragrance can open up life opportunities that you have never even dreamed of. Your eau de toilette is something reflective of your personality so make sure you find something original and innovative.

The Floral Personality

These bottled scents are perhaps the most popular among women- just a single whiff and you will understand why. A floral scent is best for women who love attention, playful, flirty and vivacious. But you have this pretty little secret of you being hopeless romantic. If you choose floral fragrances, then you are unarguably the ‘girly girly’ and not afraid to showcase it. Bold floral blooms such as peonies, orchid, freesia or roses take a starred role. These notes can also be blended together along with other flowery notes for a myriad of creative scent combinations. But this isn’t just your grandmother’s floral scent. Today’s floral scents are as warm, bright and lively as the contemporary women who wear them. Fruity florals have also made it big in the fragrance industry these days. Alluring floral notes are usually layered with juicy apricots, sweet lychee, blushing plums and ripe berries. Some of the most popular fruity floral cents include the Juicy Couture Couture,Ralph Lauren Wild and the Armani Code Pour Femme.

The Fresh Personality

If you think you have that fresh and revitalizing personality, then the green, citrus and water scents could be right for you. The woman with a fresh personality is someone who looks cool effortlessly. She is somehow the laidback, low profile but fun loving lass who is up for anything. These scents are great for sporty women with that quirky sense of humor and for women who want to live to the fullest. Citrus fragrances usually explore with zeal of mandarin, grapefruit and juicy lemon. Citrus scents are famous for being clean and light but today’s citrus brands are beginning to reinvent themselves as the brand new seductive scent with spicy and subtle woody notes. Green fragrances are often crisp and sporty with notes coming from marine plants and tea leaves. Some of today’s fresh picks include the DKNY Be Delicious, the Dolce Gabbana 1 Le Bateleur and Issey Miyake’s L’eau D’Issey.

The Oriental Personality

If you happen to belong to one of the few femme fatales with that Oriental perfume personality, then it would be nice to play it up with a rich exotic fragrance. Oriental personalities are bold, sophisticated and in control of things. You can get mysterious and you don’t open up yourself to people quickly. If you are passionate dreamer, then Oriental fragrances could be right for you. Oriental scents are usually sensual, warm and opulent- ancient spices such as nutmeg, clove and cinnamon and gleaming amber notes. Among the top irresistible Oriental scents include the RL Hot, Dior Midnight Poison and Calvin Klein Euphoria.

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