Top Luxury Perfumes in the World

Some people call perfume as an expensive luxury. Also tagged as ‘liquid diamonds’, these expensive pieces are truly a work of art and a product of the purest scents. Everyone would love to smell good all the time especially women. But only a wealthy few get to enjoy these luxurious fragrances on their everyday lives. Here are the top most expensive fragrances in the world that every woman would die for.

Chanel No. 5- $ 234/100 ml

Chanel No. 5 is considered as the pioneering fragrance launched by the famous Parisian couturier Gabriel ‘Coco’ Chanel. It has been on the market ever since its debut in the year 1921. Many experts have described it as the ‘world’s most legendary perfume’ and currently it ranks on top of the perfumery sales charts. The scent remains as among the best selling scents of parfum Chanel and the company has recently estimates that a bottle gets sold every thirty seconds. Chanel claims that the uniqueness of the scent comes from the floral aldehyde composition that lasts for longer duration of time after one application. It stands starkly different compared to the many flower perfumes that you will find in the market today.

Shalini- $ 900/ 2.2 oz bottle

The Shalini Perfume Collection is developed by Maurice Roucel. Roucel is known as the perfumer of Musc Ravageur, 24 Fauborg, Iris Silver Mist and the Tocade luxury perfume series. Stepped in coriander, ylang ylang and neroli, Shalini is an intricate fusion of the deep luxurious scents of musk, vanilla, sandalwood and tuberose. This scent is definitely a brand for the soul.

Caron’s Poivre- $ 2000/ 2 ounces

The scent becomes more alluring as it comes with a fabulous Baccarat bottle. As the bottle is encrusted with pristine crystals on its white gold collar, all the more it reflects the rays of sophistication. Caron Paris definitely made a big hit with this upscale fragrance in the market.

The Ralph Lauren Notorious Perfume- $ 3540/bottle

Priced at $ 3450, this is indeed one of the company’s expensive collections. Popularized by the famous French model named Laetitia Casta, this perfume is known as one of the best Holiday scents. You can get your very own To learn more about Ralph Lauren Notorious bottle from Harrods retail outlets.

Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes- $ 6,700

Bacarrat was once popular for its crystal encrusted perfume bottles. With the release of this fragrance in the market, the company finally made its debut in the perfume industry. Indeed, they made a good shot at it.

Hermes Perfume 24 Fauborg- $ 1500/1 oz bottle

Named after the Parisian Hermes flag store, the perfume made its debut in 1995 by Bernard Bourjois and Maurice Roucel to blend with the trend of feminine quality and luxury. Based on the vital scents of ylang ylang, jasmine, vanilla, iris, ambergris, and orange blossom fragrances, the 24 Fauborg will definitely give you the best compliments from the crowd.

Clive Christian Imperial Majesty- $ 215000/bottle

Topping the list is a Clive Christian’s mixture of carnation, lemon, benzoin, bergamot, cardamom and jasmine that will truly captivate the senses of every perfume aficionado. Skeptics would often attribute its whopping price to the diamond affixed in the bottle.

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8 Great Fragrances for Women

Tresor by Lancome for Women: Lancome is a fragrance for treasured moments. Launched in’89, this fragrance is considered a classic. Tresor is a tender but intoxicating unique blend of rose, muguet, and lilac with the sensual enchantment of amber, sandlewood and musk.

Prada Infusion D’Iris by Prada for Women: Warm up the cold, dark nights of winter with a fusion of irresistible iris accords. Sweet citrus notes and rich cedar, vetiver and incense deliver all the necessary elements of a desirable, sexy scent.

Pure Turquoise by Ralph Lauren for Women: Discover the mystery, magic and beauty behind the floral blend of Ralph Lauren Pure Torquoise. An exotic blend of dewy cassis, night blooming cereus and earthen patchouli, this fragrance takes you along a new journey of the senses.

Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt for Women: Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt is a popular fragrance for women first introduced in’82. Vanderbilt is feminine, floral, light and refreshing.

Soul by Curve for Women: A soft breath of bamboo and water lilies, a warm embrace of second skin musk. Fragrance Notes: Bamboo, White Water Lily, Green Lotus Leaf, Freesia, Cactus Flower, Blue Tiger Lily, Jasmine, Tuberose, Gardenia, Blond Woods, Nutmeg, Heliotrope.

Stella in Two Peony by Stella McCartney for Women: Satisfy all the facets of your existence with an understated, yet truly unforgettable coalescence of peony and rose accords. As simple as it is sexy, this appealing fragrance reveals why elegance never goes out of style.

Ralph Lauren Blue by Ralph Lauren for Women: Ralph Lauren Blue fragrance for women is a refreshing, cool, and crisp blend. Fragrance Notes: Lotus Flower, Muguet, Gardenia, Sparkling Jasmine Accord, Pink Peony, Rose de Mai, Tuberose, Jasmine Petals, Orange Flower, Musk, Ambrette, Sandalwood, Mousse de Chine, Vetiver. Fragrance Family: Aromatic.

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger for Women: Tommy Girl was introduced in’96 as a counterpart to its successful men’s fragrance, Tommy. It was inspired by the wildflowers grown in the American landscape and includes notes of camellia flowers, black current flowers, mandarin and tangerine, spearmint.

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RUGBY Ralph Lauren at colette

Polo Ralph Lauren Designs

When we look to purchase any new apparel the first criteria is the level of comfort you feel when you wear it. This is definitely true even if we were to go shopping for our clothes online. It would further interest you to know that there are some fabulous offers to buy different clothes lines especially shirts and specifically Polo Shirts . Such portals will offer some of the most deals on polo shirts across brands. What would you do if you had an incredible offer of sixty percent off on the selling price of a Ralph Lauren, then you would grab it with both the hands.

These online retail stores offer you the best of the pick of designer polo shirts at the most affordable prices. The sheer magnitude of choice of designers you get is astounding. More often than not what happens is when you begin to browse these portals and begin to view the fabulous designs, you are tempted to buy the best of polo ralph Lauren designs.

One of the most sought after polo shirts in with these fantastic online retailers is the Ralph lauren series. You name the design you want in polo shirts and they have it. Have you thought of a crested polo shirt? The array of designs by this brand is endless. There is the solid polo, the striped polo shirt, the Hoodies polo shirts and even a women’s line of polo shirts. The match polo shirts are incredible attractive and are best suited for wearing them to matches as goes the tag line for these shirts.

If that list of types of shirts has not whet your appetite then here is something that will make head to your closet online source. The incredibly reasonable prices – the shipping and handling charges are of course extra. The incredible thing about buying these designer shirts online is that you can buy them at the least possible prices. A quick comparison of prices across several online retailers will help you to identify the least priced portal.

Another brand of polo shirts in great demand at the online portals is the Lacoste Polo shirts. Have you ever thought about why this is one of the most popular brands across several genres of polo shirt users. There is something about the unique blend of fabric used to make these polo shirts to make them such high-sales products.

Another influencing factor is the price at which this brand of polo shirts is available both online and at the offline retailers. Add to that the marvelous range of polo shirts that this brand offers. An incredible twenty-six colors of polo shirts are available with this brand. The hallmark of this brand is the simple fabric and the basic pure design of the polo shirt. The two buttons front of the polo shirt, the ribbed collar and the half sleeves are signature lactose shirts.

Hence if you want to wear a polo shirt whether it is to a friends place or to meet the lady love you will find every style, design and size and will also be at prices that are highly affordable.

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Polo Ralph Lauren / Stadium
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Shirt by Polo. Photo by Menswear Market.

Ralph Lauren, the fashion designer who has defined American image, shares stories from his life and career.

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Ralph Lauren2012 Winter Series relive classic brand

Ralph Lauren2012 Winter Series relive classic brand, just as his own past works, do

An in-memory “revisiting my hometown.”
Part of the day dresses, neutral suit popular: the British gentleman double-breasted coat, elegant hat, elegant cane

Plaid tie is shown with debut; British aristocratic riding hunting breeches, the Scottish pattern lozenge stockings, houndstooth pattern coat

, Dark retro jacquard sweater, and a pack of the British countryside wind. Evening gown of purple velvet, leopard hair
Fur coat, bright purple satin the golden flash chip, jewelry, embroidery, coating fabric contrast even more upper class high

Expensive …… the second half of obviously strongly influenced by the “Roaring Twenties” and “Art Deco”, but no matter

The standards iPod lessened according to that is a simple supplied forcing all over price give you end users a cheaper price,

IPod farmed pointed out that is a homogeneous by a lesser product or service by lowering the size and shape of you. Certainly iPod pulling greater than a common is clear involved of the apple company headphones. Mac products totally changed the headsets sold in the market place. The light colored headsets that is normally contrasting to whatever iPod fingertips emblematic to qualify for the variety. The particular headphones they obtained been adjusted following apple company company acquired problems if the too big and therefore designed a efficient fashion more introducing high-quality, Lesser sound then extremely good understanding (Wikipedia, All of us-Pod, 27-5-2008). This is a very important enchancment instead of last headsets bought what type brought a thin sound. Too through leaving lotion equipment reminiscent of armbands, Presenters, Vehicles accessories as well as alarm call receivers that appropriate for ipod, Apple company could actually maintain a edge against your competitors.

British style is 1920s retro, Ralph is still in the details at highlighting the modern modern sense.

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Polo Ralph Lauren Soho
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Points to Consider While Buying Women’s Perfume

It is a well known fact that every woman is fascinated by the fragrances. Women always seem to be attracted by the fragrances not only in the present days, but also in earlier days. The only difference in the past was that the fragrances were used directly from woods, oils and flowers. But, these days, the perfumes of women have gone through several inventions and evolutions. Now, this industry is believed to be one of the expensive as well as luxurious industries in the entire world. As a result of this various brands have emerged up in the market, which are offering some of the best women perfumes.
If you are looking for the best selling perfumes for women, then Internet is the best place to search for. The benefit of Internet shopping is that it will not only help you to get discounted perfume but also you can read the reviews of different people posted on their website. Since, lots of brands have come up; it has become difficult for the people to choose which one is best. In order to solve this problem, it is always preferable to shop online as you can go through the reviews and can know about the fragrance of the perfume. Some of the perfumes which are considered to be the most favorite choice of people are Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabbana, Ralph Lauren etc. For getting these perfumes, you have to some extra money but the fragrance of these perfumes is something that can make you crazy. Their smell is not only amazing but also long lasting.
While buying the best female perfume, it is essential to consider some of the points in mind. These points will help you in purchasing a perfume that has good aroma.
 Categories: Since there are lots of categories for women’s perfume, it is one of the important factors. The perfume of the women are categorized by sporty, woody, musky, oriental, citrus, spicy, fruity, natural, floral and fresh fragrance. Prior buying the best perfume for women, it is very essential to pay careful attention towards the preferences as well as personality of the woman. Even if you are gifting a perfume to someone else, then also it is must to consider these factors.
 Storage: Generally, the perfumes of women are stored in a cool place as the extreme temperatures are not good for them. In some cases, it is also advised to keep them in a fridge in order to have better durability of the fragrance. Whichever place you choose, make sure the bottle of the perfume is standing straight and cap is positioned tightly to protect it from any leakage. The perfumes can be stored for several years.
 Test out your perfume: Before buying your favorite fragrance, do not forget to check its odor. Almost every store keeps a tester bottle of perfume for the customers so that they can try before purchasing them. It is advised not to try various perfumes together. In such a case, your nose can get confused and would not be able to differentiate among various fragrances. Thus, you will end up purchasing the wrong one. The best way to choose the best women perfume is to make your choice first and then limit yourself to three or maximum four fragrances.
Have you ever noticed that the perfume, which smells milder to you, sometimes smells stronger when used by your partner? You may think that there is something wrong with your nose, but this is not the case. The perfumes react with the natural body oil known as sebum and reacts differently on different bodies. Thus, the best way to test the perfume is to apply the perfume and then wait for 2-3 minutes. This will allow it to react with your body smell and give you the correct fragrance. When it comes to the fragrance, Dolce and Gabbana perfumes are considered to be best. Their fragrances are liked by most of the people.
 While buying the perfumes, determine their purpose first. Whether you want if for parties or for work, there are all types of perfumes available. If you want perfumes for work, then Sarah Jessica Parker perfume is ideal for the women. You can also consider Issey Miyake perfume for this purpose. However, when going on a party, prefer to go for strong perfumes such as Hugo boss perfumes.
 Quality and packing: These factors become essential when you have to gift the perfumes to others. In this regard, Ralph Lauren perfume for women is a perfect perfume which can be gifted on various occasions. Ralph Lauren is the preferred brand of most of the women, thus gifting a perfume of this company can simply be great. The recipient will surely get happy after receiving this perfume.

Abhishek srivastava is saying the largest collection of the perfume . this is the largest collection of the perfume then the good branded perfume collections .

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